General Information

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The laser machine is very accurate, plus or minus a fraction of a millimeter. This makes it possible to make intricate markings on glass in a relatively short period of time.

Like most things there are a few limitations. Two of these are aesthetic, the last is safety related.

  • If the markings are too large it will wrap too far around a cylindrical object like glassware. While it will look great and allow a great amount of detail it will not be pleasing to the eye. Seeing the entire image will require rotating the glass, this is not optimal.
  • If the markings are too small, it will at best lack detail and at worst look like a glob (that’s a technical laser guy term). This happens when too much etching placed on an object with relatively small engraving area.
  • Lastly, the safety related limitation. When a laser comes in contact with PVC chlorine gas is released. Chlorine gas is nasty stuff, it was used (and has been subsequently banned) in chemical warfare. Therefore, if we are to work on any plastics we must be certain it contains no PVC. This information can be obtained from the manufacturer.

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Cartoon_Larson_Einstein_1_0 - time is moneyThat’s it for the limitations. So, what is possible? Anything else you can imagine! There is one reality of business however – time is money.

Can we place an image on one side of a glass and text on the opposite side? You bet we can, but that will take longer than putting everything on one side of the glass and … time is money.

Can we etch a glass all the way around the circumference? Yes, but that will take longer than marking only one side of the glass and … time is money.

We will gladly quote your project a number of ways and for a small fee produce a proof so you can evaluate the cost/benefit of different options. That proof fee is refunded when you place an order and will be deducted from your total due.


Laser etches glass by applying heat. The laser passes across the glassware as it is rotated in a machine head much like a lathe. This heat permanently marks the glass. It is safe to place etched glassware in the dishwasher. Heat is the only thing that will damage the etching, therefore we recommend maintaining a reasonable distance from blowtorches and jet engine exhaust.

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Wood Burning

Lasers are very hot, laser machines are very accurate and there are many ways to leverage these attributes. One of the most common is burning pictures into wood for a rustic, outdoorsy end product that is perfect for the cottage on the lake or the hunter’s den. It also makes a wonderful gift for those who are hard to buy for. What parent or grandparent wouldn’t cherish a picture of adorable children burned into a piece of wood with personalized text?

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Other Uses

We also work on anodized aluminum. There are many products available in anodized aluminum, dog tags, luggage tags and pet tags are the most common products.

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